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The wedding of Hagar Ben Yosef
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The search for a dress was not easy, especially since I got pregnant with a bloated belly - and I could not really measure and see what it would look like. I had to imagine and mostly trust the designer. I came to Anat after…
Roni Cohen’s wedding
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Anat's models were the only ones I measured (and measured quite a bit) that I could see myself wearing. Once I measured the dress it was clear that this was it. I am not in a constitution that knows what suits her and what compliments…
Noam and Yaniv’s wedding
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Anat is just adorable! There is no other word. I asked for a dress in a new stitching and the result was just me. I fell in love with her dress and had a very hard time saying goodbye to her after the event. She…
Inbal and Orian’s wedding
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A clean and minimal style that is hard to find in the country! Perfect for all those brides who do not like all the competition and mumbling .. personal and professional treatment and the result was perfect.
Dolev and Shaked’s wedding
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A beautiful bridal salon, a high level of personal treatment, the conduct is thorough and reliable.
The wedding of Tevet and Ziv
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Anat is without a doubt very professional! She honestly understood what I was looking for and let me measure, it was exactly the dress I was looking for and just did not want to take it off. She kept telling me she would not let…
Noa Belfer’s wedding
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I came to Anat after seeing her special dresses online. Anat knows how to adjust the dress that will best fit and flatter the body and I could not be happier! I got a lot of compliments !! Insanely talented!